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Don’t Make a Splash.
Make a Tidal Wave.


When you’re ready to grow your business, you need a PR firm that’s able to bring a tidal wave of press to your door.

Earned media is the most powerful marketing you can do for your business. However, unlike paid advertising where anyone can buy advertising space, generating press — essentially, free editorial — for your business is never a sure thing. That’s why picking the right PR agency for your business is critical. You need to find the right thought partner who already has deep relationships with key media, so that when they pitch your company, their emails and voicemails get answered.

That’s what makes Centerpiece special. We have an uncanny ability to uncover newsworthy angles about your company, and we are relentless in getting stories placed.


Big-Firm Talent.
Small-Firm Attention.


You need A-list press — national, local, industry — on a modest budget. You also want personal attention. At Centerpiece PR, we offer both.

When you work with a large firm, a senior level person does NOT do the bulk of your work. For most tasks, you get a junior person and only get a senior exec when they meet with you. This hurts the overall quality of work. We changed that model.

Even though we have worked with some of the largest brands on the planet, you still get a senior PR executive for everything. From press releases and pitches, to media training and strategy, you get a New York trained, top-tier PR professional for everything we do for you. Because you deserve the best.


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